• Image of Poppy and Wheat
  • Image of Poppy and Wheat

Hand piped soap poppies and wheat atop this intoxicating blend of spicy cloves, tangerine, myrrh and sandalwood. This was one of my first piped soaps and was featured in the Bloom collection in Spring 2018.

All of our soaps are made with high quality olive oil, avocado oil, organic babassu oil, mango butter and coconut oil using the cold process method. Coconut milk and kaolin clay are added to give it luxurious lather and slip.

Each bar weighs approximately 4-5oz.

All of our full size soaps come stamped with the L3O logo.

Because every L3O is handmade and hand cut, no two bars are alike. You may not get the bar that is pictured.

To maximize the lifetime of your handmade soap, please visit the FAQs page for care instructions.

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